Thursday, September 18, 2008
Ok, Im starting to get a little stessed. Luckly, I am one of those people who works well under pressure. My mom and casey may not agree, as they are the people who get the "freak out" phone calls. But none the less, its crunch time and I will get it done!

Crafty Bastards is 10 days away, and I have TONS more work to do. Im trying to coordinate all the new work I will have for the show with my catalog update. Which means A LOT of planing before the making. Its all under control though, thanks to many MANY post-it notes :)

I will have 6 new images being put into production here. They look great! Here is a little peek at what you can expect. Along with new images, I will have new bezel shapes and combos as well.

And I JUST got the email from the American Craft Council that i was not accepted for the retail section, but am on the wait list for the wholesale section. Im really excited, but dont want to get my hopes up too high. Its a wait list, i could be number 3024803 in line. I will find out my actual rank next week.

So, anyone with show experience, particularly ACC- what do you think. Do people actually decline their real invitation? I HOPE THEY DO!!


Valerie A. Heck said...

Liz from my experience booths do become available, sometimes people cancel for business reasons, sometimes someone gets sick and they can't make it. So you never know. Good luck!
Sometimes it's good to call and ask if there is something that you could add to your application that would help. I call artists all the time asking for more images, or better images of their work and so on.

Christine Kloostra said...


There are always a small handful of folks who do decline their invitations, and even if that doesn't get you off the waitlist, there are always cancellations.

You should be able ask what percentage of people on the waitlist get accepted so you can get a better idea of your chances.