Saturday, July 13, 2013

Window Shopping

Today I wandered over to Home Goods in search of a few very specific items.  Even though I quickly located what I was there for I couldn't resist a little self torture. As I wondered down each and every single aisle I snapped photos of the items I would buy if money were no object and I had a whole house to decorate.  Although Home Goods has amazing products, and everything I saw was extremely reasonably priced nothing made it's way home with me.  One day though... I'll be back, and I'll be decorating, and my cart will be full.  

Take a peek at the items I'd have purchased today:  (please excuse the photo quality- all images from my i-phone)
 I truly loved this french themed glass walled jewelry box. The text, the blue shade, the ornamentation....perfection!
 I want to put this settee in a sitting room with loads of fluffy, textural pillows on top. I love the ikat patterning too!
 Could these vases be any sweeter? They remind me of vases Anthropologie carries. Delicate,  fresh, and charming.
 This map canvas was taller than I am. It would make a perfect statement piece for an odd space or man cave. If it were a map of Paris this baby would be at home with me right now. 
 Good attention to details meeting functionality. Beautiful.
 Industrial-sweet. Great juxtaposition. 
LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEE. Almost kicking myself for not buying this. Price tag- $40

There you have it... all of the items that did not actually make it into my cart.  In case you're wondering what did, fear not, I have photos of that too!
I splurged on this small paper covered box. The walls are exceptionally sturdy, it's a charming size, and the paper is luxurious with metallic paint. I'd been looking for some sort of "keep sake" box and for $3.99 the price can't be beat. I've already started filling it up with love notes Joe has given me. 
And the entire reason for the trip- "thank you" notecards. Home Goods always has the best!! I've been stocking up every time I'm in the store. 

At this point I have about 6 card sets from the same line; La Petite Presse.  They are simple and sweet with the gold accents I also loved in the keepsake box. I have a feeling I will be sending out several dozen cards over the following months and I'm someone who likes to give pretty and thoughtful cards. Why not get them at a great price whenever I can find them??


Laurie said...

I know -- I love their stationary section, too! They always have the cutest boxed cards. I liked everything you showed; I could spend a LOT of money there, LOL!