Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lucketts Re-Cap

It's been four days since the Lucketts Spring Market wrapped up and I finally have the energy to upload (but not edit) photos from the event. It was beautiful, hot, inspiring, tiring, friendly, dirty, fun, tiring, dreamy, and even more tiring, 

I've included several shots of our booth in this post, and plan to post photos of other vendors lovely booths soon.

Some of the first items to sell; a seltzer bottle, dress forms, a beautiful old wood trunk, taxidermy geese, huge hand written documents, spools of ribbon, one apothecary jar, and mom's jewelry

A few things things that didn't sell that I was sure would; more apothecary jars, beautiful metal scale, metal fan, carriage with flowers inside, large framed french invoices, wooden pulleys.  Go figure!

Saturday was 20 times more lucrative than Sunday, but I'm sure that's always the way these shows work. The energy and rush of Saturday shoppers on the hunt for the perfect treasure just couldn't be matched on day #2. 
All in all it was a great, successful weekend, and I look forward to next year!


Louise said...

Wow - your booth looks absolutely so beautiful! Had I been there I'd never be able to steal myself away, just a magnet for me. Wonderful!

Laurie said...

Oh, how fun! There is nothing like those open air markets -- I would have loved to have been there! You had fabulous stuff!