Monday, May 28, 2012

A French Story

I discovered this lovely story while perusing etsy this morning. It made me smile, and I thought I'd share it with all of you. If you'd like to see more beautiful jewelry, check out the French Sentiments shop here. 

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in a land both near and far, lived a jewelry girl. Oh, how this girl loved to make jewelry. She loved to make jewelry so much, in fact, she closed her needlework company to pursue making jewelry full time. The jewelry girl loved French jewelry most of all. Towards that end, she packed up her clothes and shoes and make up and coat and flew off to Paris with the Jewelry Girl's daughter. The Jewelry Girl and her daughter (we'll call her Liz, as the Jewelry Girl does) and such fun in Paris! They stayed a very long time and when their flight home was cancelled due to an airline strike, they didn't mind a bit! While in Paris, the Jewelry Girl and her daughter went to flea markets every chance they got. The Jewelry Girl bought piece after piece of wonderful French jewelry. Liz bought journals and deeds and hand written French documents because Liz loves paper!

One of the pieces the Jewelry Girl purchased was a locket. A beautiful gutta percha locket she loved beyond reason, even though it was broken. The Jewelry Girl just couldn't resist! So buy it she did. She brought it home with her and it sat on her jewelry bench for a long, long time. Over two years the locket sat. The Jewelry Girl would look at it and play with it and tried three separate times to repair the break. It was not to be. The locket remained broken. he Jewelry Girl knew the locket was still usable as even though it was broken, the broken section was riveted in place and would not fall off.The Jewelry Girl still loved the locket and vowed to use it one day. 

The day came. The Jewelry Girl was very inspired to use the broken locket. She looked through all her wonderful images for the perfect piece for the locket. She tried old photographs, she tried dried flowers. Then she found an image of a beautiful bird. The Jewelry Girl cut the image to the proper size and inserted it into the locket and was very happy. She spent hours stringing the tiniest cut steel beads onto wire thread. She attached the locket to the threaded beads and was quite happy. But, the Jewelry Girl thought, it needs just one more needs ribbon!! So the Jewelry Girl went through her huge supply of hand dyed silk ribbon (left over from her needlework designing days) and found four colors she liked. She tied them onto the locket and all was well. She was very happy! She measured her necklace and found it to be 18 inches long.

And she lived happily ever after.

The end.