Thursday, September 22, 2011

The whole experience

Today I received something that I ordered on Etsy over two weeks ago.  Yes,  over two weeks.  And when I got a look at the packaging I was quite flabbergasted, just as I am  so many time when I receive something purchased from a fellow Etsy vendor.
I truly feel that when someone purchases something from your shop, care should be taken in the packaging, appearance, and presentation. It's all part of the experience of shopping at your "store".  When I open an obviously-found-in-a-dumpster brown box full of products I've just paid for which are un-mindfully packaged I definitely don't feel appreciated. In fact, I feel the opposite.  And when someone has given you their hard earned money attention should be paid to getting them their purchases in a timely manner.  Again, it's part of the experience. 

Oh, and please don't include hand written excerpts from the bible. Wrong time, wrong place, no matter what your faith. 
I'd like to think that it's not an attitude of "I got the money, now get this out of my hair" that causes this situation, and more oblivion on the part of the seller. But being a shop owner myself, I can tell you careful consideration goes into ever detail of my shipping process. I quite enjoy it actually, and I'd be embarrassed to send out some of the packages I've received in past.  One of my very favorite pieces of feedback from my shop reads "Fabulous little vintage find. Liz takes pride in her etsy shop, with gorgeous packaging. Thank you."   I do indeed take pride in my products, and when something has been sold, I consider the way I package to be a way to say "thank you"!
I also wanted to add that I really debated over writing this post, as I don't like to include anything negative, but I've found this issue happening to me more and more. And I'm curious, does this ever happen to you? Do you agree that packing effects your perception of a "shop"? Am I being too picky? I'd love to hear what you guys think :)


fancylinda said...

I agree with you. I appreciate it when the seller takes care to package the items safely and neatly. Gift wrapping is wonderful, but not required. (I have shops on eBay and Etsy. Between them I send out 20 to 30 packages a day, so I don't have time to giftwrap them all, but I always make sure to package everything neatly with clean bubblewrap, tissue and appropriate sized boxes.) I recently received a package from someone on Etsy for some large sheets of decorative paper. They came very poorly packaged in a flimsy tube that had broken and been retaped by the post office. The paper was damaged and unusable. When I informed the seller of the problem, she didn't offer me a replacement or anything. I was astounded, and wonder how many of her other paper shipments wind up damaged in transit. It seems to me, if you care about what you sell, you should care enough to package it well. And ship it on time! I know sometimes delays are unavoidable, but the seller should communicate with the buyer about the delay. Those are my thoughts! (Oh, and I also can't stand it when sellers enclose religious paraphenalia with my items.)

Kathy Barrick said...

I am sooooo in agreement with you! I've had packages arrived in horrible condition with little or no thought involved in the packaging or the mailing options. Another pet peeve of mine is people who charge for priority shipping and end up mailing packages by first class mail. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

I've received a package from you once and was soooo impressed with your packing, gorgeous gift wrap, and the very short time in which it arrived. You've got it completely right!!

Debbie said...

I don't have an Etsy shop but I sure do appreciate it when I receive packages from people I buy from that are packaged with a little extra care.