Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coffee Table

Recently I've found myself swooning over vintage, repurposed  furniture. We've been in our house for 4 months now, and all of our treasures have found their places. But now I'm taking another look at our foundation pieces and deciding if I really like them or if I just settled for something that would "do". In many cases, I'd like to make some change. 
On of the top items on my list is a new coffee table.  Our current IKEA table just does't cut it. AT ALL. I really hate it.
What I'd like to replace it with is a industrial cart of course! Im swooning over the dozens I've seen in magazines and blogs, but I'm not alone in my love and that makes them really hard to find, or extremely expensive.
Part of me would even like to find an unfinished cart that's in  rough shape and fix it up myself. That should make it more affordable, and mor personal. 

Im also considering finding an old piece of painted wood or paneling and having a base and legs built to match. Maybe an old wood sign? a door?  It would most definitely be one of a kind!
For now, I'm keeping my eyes pealed and saving my pennies!


Marlene said...

Love your ideas.
Daring, unconventional, and beautiful....priceless.