Sunday, September 4, 2011

Studio Sunday

More soldering practice and creativity!
One of the things I really took note of when reading Sally Jean's Book was to not overwork your solder. Sometimes it's best to stop and move on.  In the case of my latest project, this probably would have been best, but I just kept going...
These pieces are about trial and error since I'm still a soldering novice. And although not perfect, I'm still loving my latest little collage and think all the flaws give it more "personality".
I started by making a quick little collage that features french book pages and a coupon or sorts (I think!).
Once I'd soldered the edges and hanging rings on top, I threaded old french ribbon though them then attached some vintage metal leaves. 

I LOVE these leaves! The dealer told me the are from Germany and were made to be included in wall art. 

I'm having so much fun making these sweet little things! The collaging, soldering, and embellishing are all so gratifying. More to come, I'm sure...


Debbie said...

Awesome work!!! Can't wait to see more!!