Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vintage: Mantiquing

Something happened over the weekend that has never happened before.  And went so much better than I ever could have imagine.
Joe came antiquing with me.
Two shops and many purchases later, I dare say he enjoyed himself!  And I was in heaven!
I found myself looking at different types of antiques this time. Hats, industrial items, sports memorabilia... Mantiques!
Joe was excited to find things we could offer in the shop, and I tried to give him quick lessons on "repros", and digging for hidden treasures. He was a great antiquing partner, and I look forward to bringing him along more often. Before you know it he'll be ready for full day trips to PA with me and my mom!
Here are the items we scored, many available in the shop now. 

Hopefully there will be lots of mantiques in the the shops' future!


LizLuvR said...

We did great baby! It was different than I thought it would be and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm usually not a big shopper but there was all kinds of interesting, aged stuff to look at. I'm just glad I could share what you love to do with you! xoxoxo