Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Love: The French General and Tinsel Trading Company book

I have always known I am a collector of books, but it wasn't until I found myself packing all of them up and toting them across Maryland last month that I realized it was time to weed some out. Some books were easy to pass along (I never throw them away!), and others I know I'll never part with. 

Since we have been settling into our new house I've been revisiting all of my books again. I had forgotten how beautiful and inspiring some of them are! I've gotten so many decorating, and craft ideas from browsing the pages. 

I really wanted to take the time to share this book with you today. It's currently my absolute favorite.  The pages and lay-outs are drop dead gorgeous and the historical information is so interesting. Every time I flip through the pages I see something I hadn't noticed before, and I'm immediately wanting to make my own "mood board".

Treasured Notions
Inspiration and Craft Projects using vintage beads, buttons and trims from Tinsel Trading Company

Written by Kaari Meng of the French General, the book gives you insider knowledge and views from the famous New York City shop; Tinsel Trading Company.  Here is a peed inside the book- because a photo is worth a thousand words...

I also stumbled upon a YouTube video that give a brief description of the book- if you've got a few minutes take a look

While the craft projects may not be everyone's cup of tea I guarantee that if you have any interest in vintage, sewing, millenary or lay-out and design you will love this book! I purchased my copy at Barnes and Noble, and you can find it online here.  (prices start at $9!!)


Debbie said...

Awesome book! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Barrick said...

You convinced me! I just ordered my copy!