Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Create: Packing Station

Yes, it's true- I've just moved into a new home with almost double the amount of space of my old apartment. However, when it comes to studio space, there is never enough!

I have a large-ish closet in my studio, and I had been using it to store boxes of packing material, odds and ends, and random craft supplies. Until Monday night, when I realize it was such a huge waste of valuable space! I've always found myself lacking the space for packing up all of my orders, and usually end up sprawling out on the floor. So by moving a vintage dresser (that fit just perfectly!) into the front of the closet, I created the perfect "packing station"! The drawers hold bubble mailers, stacks of ribbon, labels, scissors, etc. The dresser is also big enough for me to store all the goodies I need to photograph and list in my shop, as well as a few other things.

The dresser top holds; ribbon for packing, USPS labels, package embellishments, a wire basket, and a light so I can see what I'm doing!

On the upper shelf I've added another wire basket, filled with vintage textiles and old bottles. While I'm not sure this will stay here (it seems to lack practicality in a work space), I LOVE the look of it!

I finished off the "packing station" with antique bird prints. One of my most favorite treasures I've ever found :)


Kathy Barrick said...

THIS is why I need you to help me decorate my bathroom!!!!!