Sunday, October 3, 2010

Travel: Ireland Day 2

Yesterday was such a blur! A good nights sleep was all I needed though, and I spent the day taking in this wonderful city.
Things I've learned about Ireland so far: The people are incredibly nice. Just as nice as you've all heard them to be. (aside from my concierge, who is just annoyed by me. But that's only because I've asked her about 3,409 questions, and I'd be annoyed too!). There are beautiful, huge arrangements of flowers everywhere you look in Dublin. They clearly value a clean, aesthetically pleasing city, and work hard to maintain that. Dublin is a small-ish city, and you can walk most places. Its also a very American feeling city. I wont deny my disappointment in that, but Im hoping the farther from the city I go, the less American it will feel.  There is music playing everywhere you go, either street performer, or live band. It's impossible to to appreciate and feel happy from all the music. The grass here is a whole new kind of green and plush here. I wanted to roll around in it at Trinity college, but I controlled myself. The Irish do indeed say "top of the morning to ya". Yay! And lastly, American hair straighteners blow Irish fuses.
Im having such a great time, and the trip is still only just beginning. I like who I am in this new situation. Assertive, bold, friendly, curious. All of the awkwardness and nervousness has all been worth it, and its becoming less and less.  Give me a few more days, and it will all be gone!
Trinity College
I watched this flower vendor unpack and appear before my eyes while shopping on Grafton street this morning. I got there around 10am, and beat most of the crowd! Its so fun to watch things come to life!
 Grafton Street before the masses arrived. And I do mean MASSES.
 Here is a cross I saw behind St. Patrick's cathedral. While most people were interested in the church itself, I found the graveyard more interesting.
St. Patrick's cathedral. Monuments in Dublin seem to be different than other places in Europe. They are all small, and seem to pop up among ordinary buildings. 
Here is the pond in St. Stephens Green. It was a happy accident that I wondered into this park, because from the outside you'd never know cute it is, or that it's there at all. I try to stay away from areas that  less look populated since I'm by myself, and this green is surrounded by a iron gate and tall shrubbery. After taking a few steps inside I saw some older ladies walking and deigned it safe for myself. What a happy surprise! Exploring pays off!
The Guinness brewery as seen from the top of the tour bus. As you can see, it was a beautiful day in Dublin. Not a drop of rain, and check out those blue skies!
 Check out that Irish countryside in the background!
I took a stroll at dusk just to get some photos of the sun setting over the River Liffey.
And now Im back in my hotel room getting ready to call it a night. Im headed to Galway tomorrow at noon, and I am super excited for the bus ride, and to see the coast!

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Jean and Mandy said...

Ooo you make me miss the lovely country!!! Bain taitneamh as!