Monday, April 26, 2010

Tres Bon

I have a friend who is planning a trip to Paris. She's been asking me all sorts of questions about my trip, and wanting all my best advice. I've realized how much i love talking to her- or anyone, for that matter- about my trip, or Paris in general. I had such a great time, and I like to think back on on all the details. 
Then I realized that I never shared much about my trip with you guys. and i have SO MUCH to share and say about it.  So little by little Im going to start throwing in some Paris posts. It will help me remember the trip, and hopefully you all like hearing about Paris as much as I do. So here it goes...
The food...oh the food. Confections and bread to be precise. TO DIE FOR. 
I personally dont feel that when your on vacation you should be on a diet, or even watch what you eat. Enjoy, indulge, experience. Thats my theory! Although im not an experimental eatter (textures get to me),  i never had any problems with the treats... and here's the proof :)

Authentic chocolate eclair

chocolate macaroon

nutella banana crepe

What i wouldn't give for one of these crepes right now!  Made by this guy, of course!

The food wasnt what made the trip, but it certainly made it better. It was tres bon.


Carmen Sutton & Jean Hohulin said...

Oh that makes me so hungry. Tell us more.