Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stormy weather and artwork

We are in the midst of a nasty storm here in baltimore. The kind of storm where ive lit all the candles in the living room because im just sure the power will go out. So far so good, but the sky is still filled with lightening. Im not one to get nervous, freak out, or get scared when power goes out. In fact- its kinda a nice excuse to get in bed early and read by candlelight. or something like that. However, im REALLY hoping to keep power tonight so i can keep working in the studio. Its been a fabulous, productive day, and im not ready for it to be over yet.

Here are some photos of something i made earlier this week. I really love the piece, as well as all the components that went into it.  The clock face itself was found at a local flea market and really inspired me, so I knew it had to be mine. :) Its made from enameled glass, and the numerals have a wonder raised, smooth texture.

(im sorry these pics are sideways- I cant get the orientation correct through blogger
(apparently its a problem many people have) but I wanted to share the details with you anyway). 
I made the  folded pinwheel behind the flower from ledger paper from 1890.
The beaded flower is one I got in paris at the Puces St. Ouen flea market. One of my most favorite treasures!
Also from the flea markets is the postcard that has been copied and reduced in size for this piece.

Im really hoping to get my hands on some more clock faces now!
Enjoy the rest of your sunday night.