Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where did the motivation go?

About 2 months ago we joined a new, fancy, awesome gym. And for about two weeks I was totally into it! I loved the classes, the atmosphere, working out, everything! I got new workout clothes, all the stuff i needed to shower before work, along with new workout tunes for my i-pod. ( i told you i jump headfirst into everything!) I had big goals, and I was on my way to reaching them. I felt totally good, and very proud of myself!

Then it all kinda died down. And now i haven't been to the gym in weeks. NOT ONCE! Shame on me! (Did i mention how expensive our gym is....?) My goals haven't changed, and i still have all the clothes and tunes, the only thing i lost was the motivation. I need it back asap!

So Ive decided to take my little mission/journey/adventure/challenge to blog land. I will be posting every Friday about the week Ive had, my mood, motivations, etc. I'm hoping the fact that I'm broadcasting my progress to the world will make me a little more accountable, and keep the motivation up this time. I hope you guys don't mind this weekly peek into my personal life! I really want to reach my goal once and for all!!

The goal is simply this; to be healthier, happier, more confident and 30 pounds lighter!

Because i think everyone needs to be rewarded for hard work, I am going to give myself 3 mile stone rewards. Each after 10 pounds of weight loss. I haven't decided on the first two, but the 3rd Ive wanted for a very long time! My sweet reward is going to be a new pair of expensive, thin jeans. Think Joe's or true religion..... you know. I cant think of a better time to get my first pair! Suggestions for the other two?

Thanks for listening to me ramble! I'm looking forward to my new weekly post, and hopefully you like them too!


lolojane said...

Go for it! You can do it! I need to stay motivated too- I 'll check in w/ you and you check in w/ me. K?

annie said...

i can't wait to read all about it!
i think a nice milestone present would be a massage or manicure/pedicure :)

eliza mundy said...

Skinny Jeans are PERFECT. I need to think of a reward for myself too. I've been buckling down and putting some time in at the gym too. I missed last week because I was sick, so I need to bust butt this week. I have noticed it puts me in a much better mood and makes me want to eat healthier as well. The holiday junk food is starting to look a little less appetizing. (only a little):)

Catherine Chandler said...

Milestone presents are great motivations. I have 30 lbs to lose too, but a. I can't afford to go to a gym and b. don't have the motivation to work out at home. I am hoping to make a bit of extra $$ this winter so I can pay for a couple months at the local gym.

The one thing I remember from having lost weight before is that I was a. hungry most of the time (from eating less calories and more fresh foods) and b. sometimes just had to MAKE myself go to the gym whether I wanted to or not.

One quote I heard is "You're never going to go to the gym, work out, and think "gosh I wish I hadn't done that"".