Thursday, December 4, 2008


Confession: I honestly believe that I have an obsessive personality. I find a new hobby, interest, whatever, and I am ALL about it! OBSESSED. Sometimes these obsessions pass in a short amount of time, and occasionally they reappear time and time again. This trait most commonly appears in me when it comes to a crafty hobby. Some examples; knitting, scrap booking, sewing, jewelry, rubber stamps, felting... you get the point. Its not necessarily a bad thing... just expensive.
My latest obsession has been the knitting and sewing thing. I cant seem to stop. Im making tons of Christmas gifts this year, and Im having a blast doing it! I rack my brains everyday trying to come up with new ideas of things to make (do you have any ideas??). The sewing machine mom lent me is what really pushed me over the obsessive edge. Thanks mom!
So in my frantic online searching for all things fiber and yarn related, i came across Amy Butlers site. Its beautiful, you must check it out! Amy is creating quite a company for herself, and coming out with the most beautiful products including; fibers, stationary, and patterns. If your looking for a fun way to kill a little time, browse all of her fabric patterns, its SO much fun!

Im off to continue browsing the web and thinking of new things to make. I should probably begin to think about jewelry again at some point too...