Monday, November 3, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Now that Halloween has passed, my mind is starting to wrap itself around thanksgiving and Christmas's. Mainly these aspects; preparing thansgiving dinner since we are hosting my family, and wondering what Christmas gifts i can make this year to save a little money! (aren't we all thinking that this year....) (ps, VOTE TOMORROW : ) )
So today i came across this blog: 101 Handmade Gift Ideas. I haven't read through them all...but so far i have found several options, and im looking forward to making some of them!

If you happen to be in the same financial boat as me this year, take this opportunity to enjoy the crafts you can make, and the fun you can have making them! And def check out this website!


annie said...

i love this website! i'm having fun going through all of them right now and making my list! thanks for posting!