Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beautiful Day

After a bit of a funk, Im happy to say im having a wonderful day!

The leaves are falling all around signaling that fall is really here!
Ive been having a great time knitting away on someone specials Christmas gift. Picture this scarf with a BIG lucite button...
I have finally gotten my motivation to work in the studio back! Ive been thinking about the buyers market in Feb, as well as the Holiday Heap show next weekend! My holiday line will be complete this weekend... just think holly, ice skates, pine trees and reindeer.

And last but not least. My pride and hope for the future of the county was restored last night as we watched Barak Obamas acceptance speech. AMAZING!


Kathy Barrick - CHS & Mo Jewelry said...

Oh that scarf is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I wish you had shown it to me! I have a couple of huge diamond shaped lucite buttons if you'd like one. LYT!!!!