Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Production work and booth designs....

Seems like everyone is hard at work these days! Every blog I read mentions something about preparing for upcoming summer shows, or other big events. And I am right there with them!!!

I must admit- I started out a little disappointed that I was only accepted into two shows this season. But right about now Im not sure how i would have managed if I had gotten into all 6 that i applied for. Funny how that works....

This is the current view of my bench- as you can see I am in production mode.

And what is the point of having good production work if you dont have a well thought out booth??!! I am actually very excited about my new booth design, and will be doing a trial run soon. Since both of the shows I am doing are outdoors- weather has to be a consideration in my design.

Three more things i wanted to share with you:

This weekend is the ArtStar Bazaar in Philly. If you need a fun event to go too- I recommend this one! Many friends will be there; Annie, Eliza, Juliet, and Beth. Good luck Girls!

Second, I discovered the store Bijoux in GreenSpring Station last week. Its awesome! On top of having some of the nicest owners in the word, they had a WONDERFUL selection of jewelry. Contemporary, traditional, antique, modern, conceptual...you name it! I couldnt resist trying on the center ring in this image. Oh My Gosh..... so gorgeous!! Lemon citrine center stone surrounded by diamonds! A girl can dream cant she...

And lastly, the vendor list for crafty bastards is up- be sure to check it out!