Monday, May 5, 2008

Check this out!

While on our weekend getaway, we journeyed down to Carroll Creek in Frederick. Its basically this man made creek that goes through downtown, historic Frederick, and was part of the big frederick rejuvenation plan. It worked, to say the least. You can now find shops, restaurants, art centers, lofts and so much more along Carroll Creek. Part of the creek project included a community bridge project in which artist William Cochran came in and turned a cement bridge into a beautiful stone bridge using tromp l'oeil.

On one side of the bridge you find this painting. This is the straight on view, which also shows what an amazing job the artist did of making a "stone" bridge.

But this is what you see if you view the painting standing almost directly against the bridge. Cool Huh?!?! Ideally, the girl is meant to be seen from one of the upper levels of the brick building beside the bridge. But this works too....