Monday, May 5, 2008

New Apartment

studio its not really a NEW apartment anymore. We have been there almost a month now, but it takes a while to get really settled in to a new home. And we have had a crazy, busy month too, so time has flown by. Here are a two pictures of our new home!! (can you tell i like green?)

Dinning Room

We spent the weekend in Frederick Maryland since Casey was running a marathon, and we could stay at my step-moms house. It was a gorgeous weekend to run a marathon (or in my case- cheer on a marathon runner), and it was a great opportunity to enjoy the city. We walked around, chatted, cheered, ate wonderful food, and enjoyed the city and country! Now that we are home, its time to really get working on show prep! There is just so much to do...

CONGRATULATIONS CASEY! You did an awesome job! 26.2 miles in 4:05:48!! xoxo

Seriously...I dont know how he did it!!!!