Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Monday!

Another week has started, and surprisingly- Im looking forward to this one! I have so many new ideas swirling in my head, and i cant wait to work on them! Im bound and determined to get my catalog done this week, and apply to another handful of spring and summer shows. Also, Casey and I will both be celebrating our 25th birthdays this week, and im really looking to celebrating with family and friends over the weekend!!
I got 4 new silver frames made for my lucite pieces this weekend, but haven't had the time to rivet them together yet. Maybe tonight....!! But i did find time to make the earrings pictured above to match the floral framed pendant I made earlier this week. These aren't EXACTLY how i want them yet, but they will be available soon in my shop. Im contemplating some faceted stones dangling from the bottom, but haven't worked out the details on that yet.
Can you tell im thinking very seriously about planing a vacation.... Im SO ready for summer!!!
I'll try to post as often as possible, but I hope you all have a Happy Monday, and Happy St. Patricks Day too!