Sunday, October 19, 2014

The French General, Los Angeles CA

Back in July, I took a business trip to Los Angeles.  Before all the work started I found myself with a free afternoon to explore the city.  Guess where I went....?
From the moment my trip was scheduled, back in the winter, I knew that if I found myself with any free time I wanted to make the trip to French General! 
It was well worth the Uber cab charges for 45 minutes of LA traffic to see this amazing store in person!  The cozy little pink shop is jam-packed with fabulous antique treasures and notions.  If you've seen any of the AMAZING French General books, then you can imagine all of the beautiful products I was seeing.  
As fate would have it, my phone had limited battery power when I arrived, so I tried to snap all the pics I could before it died. Womp womp womp....

These photos don't even start to scratch the surface of this fabulous store.  But, they are better than nothing...
The products, the staff (hi Molly!), and the atmosphere were all wonderful. Not only did I find the vintage sewing and beading notions that French General is known for, but I also found several antique french treasures. I didn't expect to be antiquing while in L.A., and it was a happy surprise:)
Perfect vignettes are set up everywhere you look and I felt myself inspired to create.

If you ever find yourself in the Los Angeles be sure to stop in and explore... you won't be disappointed!