Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A French Flower

Although I so rarely find myself buying decor items anymore, I do come across an occasional piece that I know I have to have. A piece I know I will regret not owning when Joe and I move into our house. 
This was one of those pieces.
 I walked past this metal flower sculpture in a showcase at a local antique mall and it was love at first sight.  Standing about about 8 inches tall, I love the nest of roots at the bottom, the details of each leaf, the creamy white paint of the flower itself, and the bud that dangles to one side.  After falling in love with the piece I was relieved to see the $18 price tag and knew that it was meant to come home with me!
 From the moment I saw the flower I felt that it belonged under a glass cloche to create the perfect "specimen" look that is so popular right now! 
For now this beauty will sit on my dresser among my collection of mercury glass and apothecary jars. One day soon I will find the perfect home to display it and I will be so thrilled I didn't walk away from this piece :)


Kathy Barrick said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!