Saturday, May 18, 2013

On the Hunt

Joe and I spent the morning doing something new together (actually something new for both of us individually too), and although it was way more exciting for me, he was a good sport and very supportive.  We woke up early and went yard sale-ing. 

We left the house with a very specific goal in mind- glass bowls and vases for the wedding center pieces, and headed to two "community yard sales" that I'd seen advertised on my drive to work all week. 
With $30 cash in hand I didn't want to pay more than $2 per piece and hoped to find some decorative "crystal" in addition to traditional "vases".   The plan is to apply a DIY mercury glass finish to the glass pieces and fill them with greenery and white flowers. Therefore the shapes we need are somewhat specific and less common. 

Luckily we had lots of success- we spent $22 and got 13 bowls/vases AND 10 small glass votives. Major budget-wedding-planing score!!  I did splurge and spend $3 on a pedestal bowl, but most were $1 and some only 50 cents! We are adding these to 8 vases we've already been given by friends and family and I think we're almost set.
Although I don't think I'll be yard sale-ing on a regular basis it was an awesome way for us to find what we needed on the cheap, and as a bonus we got to spend the morning doing this wedding related activity together :)