Sunday, March 4, 2012

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Here are a few photographs from Notre Dame Cathedral. One of my most favorite spots in Paris! Photos from both 2004 and 2010.
 In 2004 I took the stairs up to the balconies and photograph the beautiful gargoyles as well as the exceptional views of the city. They will forever be some of my favorite Paris photographs. (I am so happy to have them digitally now!!)

Did you know that Notre Dame Cathedral will be 850 years old next year. 850! Which means that this stunning building was designed and built in 1263- 513 years before we signed the Declaration of Independence.

Not only is the outside of the building beautiful, but the inside is equally lovely. Particularly while looking up!

I have a vivid memory of standing in the cathedral marveling at its beauty and having a deep sense of the world being very big, yet very accessible.  Along with a deep desire to explore more cultures and see more beauty. 


LizLuvR said...

only the first gargoyle looks bored, he's seen this all before. love me some gothic architecture, its so stern and epic and antithetical to whimsy.

Mare said...

Elizabeth...I have always loved your gargoyle photos! Love the juxtaposition of the austere gargoyles against the fabulous Paris cityscape. I think I know what I want for Xmas ....a collage of your gargoyle photos!

Christine Wallace said...

WoWza Liz,
I am so blown away by your pictures of Notre Dame. Bravo to you, they are stunning!!!! Notre Dame is such an enchanting place isn't it?? But just about anywhere in Paris is enchanting isn't it? Have a great week Liz!