Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage and Travel: Clothesbrush and Celtic Crosses

I spent the weekend photographing tons of new items for my shop, jotting down all the details and getting them ready to list. My photo sessions always have to be done over the weekend during winter months because you need the good, natural light that is only found in the early afternoon hours (at least at my house), and I'm at work all week. Now that I have everything prepared, the listing begins...
I've been on a major "clean out", and "de-clutter" kick lately since I'll be moving in a few short months, and what better place to start than with all of the awesome vintage goodies I've been collecting and waiting to get in my shop- I hope you enjoy :)

One of the items I've just listed is a sweet old clothes brush. I found this in treasure in norther Virginia, and couldn't resist that delicate, lovely engraving the covers the top. I swoon for anything lacy, scroll-y, and fine and of course the brush was no exception.

One of the first thing that poped into my mind when I saw the engraving was all of the engraved celtic crosses I saw in Ireland. There was one cross in particular that I loved, that this immediately made me think back to being in the beautiful old graveyard looking up at this fabulous cross.

The graveyards were EVERYWHERE in the west of Ireland, and I would have stopped at everyone if I could have.  Especially this one:
One day I'll make it back to the Emerald Isle. With a rental car. And a big sheet of paper. And a crayon.