Sunday, November 1, 2009


Ive been talking about it forever, and its finally happening!! Im headed back to the most fabulous place Ive ever seen- PARIS!

My mom and I have booked an eleven day trip in March, which happens to overlap my 27th birthday. I am beyond excited!! Ive been daydreaming everyday, and having the occasional real dream about Paris since we booked the tickets. I am one truly lucky girl!!

New journal

Ive already picked up MY most important travel necessity. A journal. I never go somewhere new without one. I try to write a little something every night about the days activities, and glue in receipts, flowers, etc that Ive collected. Its amazing how many things I would forget if I hadn't written them in my journal. They have become one of my most valued possessions, and I cant wait to fill this one up!



England (below)


Lori WV said...

Enjoy! So good to see you posting again...was just thinking of you the other day and getting ready to write to see what you've been up to.