Sunday, November 22, 2009


Im so excited to be spending the entire day- uninterrupted, in the studio. I hope to make lots of progress on the MANY projects i have floating around in my head. And with this Black Friday deadline ive set for myself, im feeling the pressure! But since Ive always been the kind of person to work well under pressure, this is a very good thing.
Over the weekend I went to the York Folk Art and Antique show. Surprisingly I spent more time shopping on the antiques side of the show than the craft side. I found lots of fun treasures to create and decorate with. I was on the fence about this little First Speller book i'd found in one booth. The first page which is dated 1878 also has then name of the little girl who worked from the book- Lizzie. I thought it was a cute coincidence, but not cute enough to make me shell out $15. Then I started flipping though tht pages and this is what I found :

9 beautifully pressed and preserved four-leafed clovers!!! And now the book is mine :)


Valerie A. Heck said...

That is a great find. I actually do that to a lot of my books. I have a strange ability to find four leaf clovers and I then press them in whatever book I have on had. Makes for a fun suprise later on.