Friday, February 20, 2009

Neighbors Night Out 3

If you live in Baltimore, you've probably heard Zach Sowers story, or heard about the amazing work his wife Anna continues to do in this city. If you are unfamiliar with the story, here is the link to Zach's website. Zach was brutally beaten and robbed for no good reason just outside his home in downtown Baltimore two years ago. The attack left him in a coma for almost a year, and Zach finally lost his battle on March 25th of last year.

Since the attack, his wife Anna has been working hard to open peoples eyes to what is really going on in the city, and make people accountable for their actions. One of her efforts is the Zach Sowers brain trauma research fund at Johns Hopkins. To raise money for this fund, Pazo is hosting Neighbors Night Out 3, on March 1st. There will be great food, entertainment, and a silent action, will all proceeds going too research fund.

Although I wont be able to attend this year, I have made a contribution to the silent auction, and urge everyone to either attend the event (sounds like fun!), or make a contribution.