Sunday, August 31, 2008

More new stuff!

Here is another necklace I just completed! This shows the scale of the necklaces, a little larger than usual for me.
The yellow flower print necklace has one large black onyx bead at the top connecting it to ball chain.

This blue pendant is connected to 5 aquamarine beads on each side which then connects to a sterling silver cable chain.

What do you think?


Katie said...

Ooo..I love it! So I bought a ring from you at Artscape, and when I went to San Francisco this summer I left it in my hotel! GASP! Fortunately they found it and sent it back to me. The hotel guy was so cute in his email:

We've got the ring here. It's very nice, by the way. I should look at that shop for my girlfriend, I think she'd love that style. (She's always looking at etsy; they say that it's like porn for women. so true!)

So if you get an order from San Fran let me know! Haha.