Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that i am alive and well- I can not say as much for my computer though!! its back at HP (again!!!) being repaired. Sigh..... Im hoping for a speedy recovery.

I will try to make this posting short and sweet, but I have a lot to report.

First, Check out my moms new etsy shop! Its awesome! Im so glad she finally listened to me! I think i may even have her convinced that its time to start doing some shows too! Her new stuff is just way too cool not show off and sell!! Yay KBD!

I was in Brooklyn last weekend helping Eliza out at Renegade. Three words for you... HOT, MONSOON, and HOME! At least the company was great! Check out Eliza's blog, or Megans for more details, i will spare you! I will say though...that all of these disappointing shows have me a little worried....

If you are in the Baltimore area this weekend, stop by Pile of Craft! Its put on by the Charm City Craft Mafia, and looks like its gonna be really good! And its indoors...YAY!

The Muse in Frederick Maryland is now has my work!! I was shopping downtown one day and stumbled into this awesome shop! I was thrilled when the owner contacted me about carrying my work, and so flattered to be included in such an awesome store. GO!

Im busy preparing for Crafty Bastards and Artscape. I have lots of new stuff that will be debuting at these shows, and cant wait to see peoples responses!!

Gotta run, hope you are all having a good week!!