Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Blues

Its monday morning and im back to work...bummer. We had company all weekend, so I was admitedly very unproductive. But I had tons of fun...

Tubbing at Liberty Mountain

I did make some headway on my promotional packages (there has got to be a better name for them....), and my catalog, but i still have a long way to go! Im starting to feel like im getting a little ahead of myself with all of this stuff, and stressing about it way to much. I want everything to be well organized, well presented and appealing. I want to do everything the "RIGHT" way from the get-go. Who wouldnt...

BUT, i think i need to relax a little bit, and realize that of course its not gonna be perfect the first time im doing this, and that everyone has had to make adjustment and learn as they go. I have to let myself feel a little uncomfortable in order to move ahead. AND...its ok if its not perfect....for every mistake i will get better!

Thanks for listening! I will be posting images of my packets when i get them together. Soon Hopefully!