Monday, February 25, 2008

ACC critique

I took a little trip into the city over the weekend to attend the ACC show. Probably the biggest and most recognized craft show in the country. Im lucky to live close enough to go every year, even when (this year included) wintery weather comes our way!

The show is HUGE, packed with people , sauna-like, inspiring, overwhelming, and not to be missed!!! I will admit that over the past few years I have felt the ACC show has seemed a little dated, and geared more towards the older markets. While I think there is still some validity to those feeling, this year the council did something that really helped! They added two new sections to the show; New Wave Craft and the SearchLight section. Don't quote me on this... but i believe the New Wave Craft section was designed to showcase a small selection of artists many would consider "indie", or "DIY-ish". And the SearchLight section showcased amazing up-and-coming artists in a gallery-like setting.

No matter the reason why the council created these sections-they were the best part of the whole show!!! This is where i found the most interesting work. Work I thought was fresh and hip, and wasn't like the work in every other booth i walked by. Im hoping the ACC realizes the success of its new endeavors and continues in that direction. I think its time they make some changes, and they are on the right path.

My hands-down favorite artist at the show was Dolan Geiman.(see above!) He uses old wood from barns, re-habs, etc to create these fabulous wall hangings. He also did some collages that i fell in love with. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

As far as my work goes... I wish i could tell you I have been getting TONS done, but its just not the case. I am making baby steps toward finishing my catalog and I think every little bit helps! I will keep you posted! Happy Monday!