Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tagged AGAIN!

Catherine Chandler tagged me again!! I dont mind, i kinda like sharing secrets....even if they are weird! So here are 5 more for ya!

1. Shopping is like therapy for me. Its trouble! Yet, i dont have a single credit card (thank god!). Obviously i dont shop too much with Eliza ;)

2. I am 100% confident in my metalsmithing skills. its good to feel that way about something.

3. I have the shortest fingernails possible. I hate it, yet i cant control the urge to pick at them. Especially when im stressing.

4. The song "ill be home for Christmas" makes me cry sometimes, because the thought of being alone at Christmas kinda breaks my heart.

5. Ive just realized that no matter what happens in my life- EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK! Im not sure is 24 is early or late to figure that out, but its a very freeing feeling. Its the one piece of advice i would give anyone who asks.

ok, Kathy aka mom, and whitney. YOUR IT!!