Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Maybe im in the holiday spirit, or maybe i caught the give-away bug...but i decided its time that i have my first contest! I hope you all participate!!

Here's the low-down- I want you guys to do some trend forecasting for me. I want to keep my jewelry fresh and up to date with all the upcoming, and current trends. I tend to lean towards floral and organic images and designs, but I want to have something to offer everyone! So I welcome ALL of your suggestions. Whats the next big thing.... Is it nautical, more animals, geometric design, greys and blacks, hearts (i hope not!)???? You tell me!

Remember, I work with images, pattern, and color, so input on any of these elements are welcome.

You may be wondering "what does the winner get?" The winner will receive one petite pendant from my shop. Your choice!!!

So please leave me your suggestions in a comment on this post, and I will select a winner (at random!) on December 25th! Merry Christmas!

ps-enter more than once, if you have more than on suggestion ;)


Catherine Chandler said...

Liz, I love your designs and think that they are very fresh. Personally, I love bold graphic floral patterns, usually black against white. As far as trends, there are multiple ones such as larger pieces and lots of layers (chains, pieces, etc).

Juliet said...

I love your "love" pendant with the text. I would "love" to see more text, even more foreign langauge text, because it makes for a good conversation piece(if you know what it says.)

ps-love hank to rooster too...

eliza k. mundy said...

Liz... I agree with Juliet...I'm digging the fonts. I might also like to see some initials. I would love a fancy script "E" with a solid background. Maybe also some long chains with multiple stations. All stations being slightly differnt but with the same color scheme or differnt portions of the same design.

Kristina said...

okay. i adore your pendants so I have some suggestions (just saw you on Modish). first, I think nordic graphic designs/colors are in... (you can see it by watching the interior design blogs)... and fun with typography is definitely in... mixtures of funky fonts. I see a huge trend on doodles and cutsie stuff like softies and japanese figures... check out decole. so i think a combination of doodling/cutsie/moderngeometrics. who knows? :)