Wednesday, March 7, 2007

slow and stedy

It seems like since i have been unemployed i have had NO free time! isnt it funny how that works!?!?!

Megan Aumen, the current director of the metals and jewelry dept at Towson (my old stomping ground) gave the BEST lecture on using the internet as a tool for jewelers last night for the Metals Guild of Maryland. The lecture was positively inspiring, and i have spent the day checking blogs and just surfing the web. Its amazing whats out there! I'm gonna work hard at posting regularly on my blog, i plan on starting a flickr site, and continuing with etsy updates. I almost feel as though having my website is unnecessary. Hopefully I'll find a happy balance between all the fabulous things available on the web these days!

On a less technical note, just before Christmas i found the best store here in baltimore. Located in the quaint Belvedere Square, The House Downtown doesn't carry a single product i wouldn't want in my own house. They have products with lots of personality and style. On my last trip to the house downtown, i got on of these great bread and budder buckets. They are fabric covered and water-proof. They are definitely too cute to pass up!