Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Thats right...8 days until i am officially self employed. Yikes!
I spent last night researching shows to apply for, and now im just keeping my fingers crossed!

While i had fun at the buyers market with all of my old friends (and a few new ones), I was not entirely impressed with all the work i saw. Unfortunatly, i saw more than a few booths that seemed to have manufactured-ish peices. I think there is a large difference between production work, and manufactured work. With the reputation that the buyers market carries, i would have thought there may have been some higher standards. I left a little dispointed, and a little concerned with the direction the field is going in. We shall see...

Through the silver-plating, and epoxy haze i did find quite a few artists I am dying to look into:
I fell in love with the work by Catherine Weitzman. All of it was to die for, and her booth was PACKED with work! Cassavoy& Co has amazing floral work, and im sure no one would be suprised i loved it. Aside from the jewelry i also found the amazing frames of Sugarboo. These frames made me excited to move into my house! I'll leave you with one more of my favorites; Kathy Frey...amazing. I'll share more with you later!

ACC baltimore is going on all week, and i will be attending on friday! Cant wait to find more treasures!