Sunday, April 28, 2013
Hello out there!? I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying the spring season. 

There have been so many life changes for me since I last blogged and I'm excited to write all about them. I've been looking forward to getting back into blogging lately and I hope any of you that are still following along like all of the changes you'll see here. I'll be blogging about a much wider range of topics than I have in the past, and writing in more diary form than report form. I'm hoping for a wider range of more authentic "Liz" subjects. 

Now that I've said that- here's a BREIF list of what's been up with me over the past 6 months :)

  • wedding planing, wedding planing , and wedding planing.   Which, by the way, is NOT as fun as I had always dreamed it would be.  The whole process is full of opinions, over-priced food, clothes, and "must haves", and lots of tears. Luckily  we are about done with contracting all of our vendors and we can now focus on the fun parts. I think....
  • I've been working a lot. Including trip to Texas and New York for big trade shows
  • We moved in with Joe's parents. 28 days ago. We want to buy a house and with this economy the only way we can truly save is to eliminate our HUGE rent bill.  We plan on staying until approx. Feb of next year. 
  • Joe broke his big toe a week before we moved. Talk about bad timing! Any woman who has lived with a man who has an ailment such as this knows exactly how much it effects everyone. He's doing much better now, and we're both really happy about it :)
  • Joe got laid off. Although he's found a new, better job which proves that "everything happens for a reason", it was still a hugely stressful few months for us. I knew the economy was bad, but until this happened, I didn't truly get it
  • Liz Mathews Studio hasn't gotten the attention it deserves since last year. There is just so much going on that I've totally dropped the ball on my business. But- I'm gonna get back on it.  I still love the idea and my designs- I just have to find more energy :)
  • I turned 30! I'm totally ok with it- in fact I still feel like I should be about 25. Except I'm 3-0! 
  • Oddly enough, I have an obsessive interest in make up since turning 30 last month. I could watch make-up tutorials on youtube all. day. long.  It all started with wanting to wear red lipstick. It was downhill from there. 
  • The only other big change I've noticed since becoming a 30 year old is a new interest in setting myself up for the future. Most specifically- retirement. I don't have any. I should get some. 
  • I'm re-joining Weight Watchers tomorrow. I need to loose weight and WW does work. I need to find a way to get excited about the process. My biggest motivation right now is the "women's fashion" section of Pinterest- Man those cute little shorts motivate me. My weight got away from me, and I need to get control. 
  • I'm also loving the home design boards on Pinterest. It's a great reminder of why we're living in Joe's parents house and gives me something to look forward too. 
  • I haven'te been creative in ages. I desperately need to find some inspiration. 
There it is- my last 6 months in a nut shell.  And hopefully a bit of a preview of things to come!
xoxo- I'm happy to be back!


Carmen Sutton said...

Hi Liz, you sound busy busy busy, 30 is ok you will always be about 25 from here on out! Yes do retirement now so you are set when it comes. So where are you registered for your wedding? I would like to get you two some thing, but I would rather get something you want or need rather then what I think you might like. Glad that your back!

Marlene said...

Welcome back. You've been missed.
Isn't life an adventure.
Best wishes to you and your intended.

Laurie said...

What a lot of excitement going on! You have so much to look forward to. 'Glad to see you back.

Kathy Barrick said...

I'm so happy you're back!!