Monday, April 9, 2012

Meet the Parents

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday filled with good friends, family, food, and pastel colors!
This years celebration was extra special for us because Joe's family came to celebrate and have Easter dinner with with Mare and me.  It was the first full family meeting ever, and it couldn't have gone more perfectly. The conversation flowed, stories were told, and the house was filled with laughter. 
Mare's traditional Easter dinner includes a wine and/or beer pairing with each course and every one was phenomenal. We drank everything from bubbly champaign to beers I won't pretent to know anything about :) The food was fancy and decadent- everything is should be for the occasion. 
I definitely got my domestic tendencies from Mare- just look at this hand decorated brie en croute!  I wish I had photographed all of the courses as well as the massive number of beer and wine bottles we went through, because both were impressive!
Not only was the food wonderful, but so were the lovely plants that were growing everywhere we looked.  Luckily the weather was perfect for sitting out on the deck and soaking up some sunshine.

Although Mare may not agree, I'm thinking we need to do way more dinner and wine pairings. It was too much fun for only once a year!