Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Monday!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I've got lots of Christmas activities planed for my week, and I'm hoping that helps me get into the spirit! I plan to deck the halls with hot cider and loud music all week at home, send out tons of holiday orders at work, continue to shop online like a mad woman, and somehow get this backache, sore throat and runny nose to take a hike! Oh, and do some crafting too I hope!
Amongst all the Christmas presents I've ordered online this year, I did treat myself to one little gift- this beautiful ledger book which contains sales records from a general store. It's long and skinny with over 500 completely filled in pages and happens to be in excellent condition! You all know how much I love ledgers, so there is no way I could resist this beauty. 
 I took some photos of the ledger last week, and spent the morning editing them in photoshop using those Florabella textures/actions I love so much.  So far, this week is off to a great start!

 I love that this entry includes the purchase of Gold Dust. And for just 20cents!


Christine Wallace said...

Oh my Liz,
That ledger is AMAZING!!! That R.D. Fuller guy sounds like a real character! Hope you get to feeling better.

fancylinda said...

Have a great week! I hope you feel better. What beautiful writing in that ledger!

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