Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel: Tour Eiffel

While we were in Paris I had an entire list of sights we "HAD" to see, and things we "HAD" to do. I couldn't possibly leave without taking another double-decker bus tour of the city for the third time, could I? 

While a few of the things we did and saw obviously could have have been omitted, I knew a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, or Tour Eiffel, was not one of them.To spite my best planning end effort, nothing could have prepared us for the bitter cold, and three hour wait in line to buy tickets and get a ride to the top. (advice to travelers visiting the city of light- buy your tickets online, and in advance!)
Although we bought tickets to go all the way to the top (the Eiffel tower has three levels on which to stop and look around), we decided that we only needed to ride up to the second. Plus we heard that the view from the second was the best, and the top was TOO far up! Once we made it to the second floor, this was our view.

Heading back down the Tour Eiffel, we choose to take the stairs. BIG MISTAKE!  This option as it left our legs feeling like jello and super sore for the next few days- who would have though...

Dont you love all the muted grey and white shades of the city. The pictures, the view, and the experience, made long wait and jello legs all worth it. One day these will be my own vintage postcards from Paris!


Kathy Barrick - CHS & Mo Jewelry said...

So many memories.....