Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Can you believe i slept until 11am this morning. 11AM!! I was totally shocked when i rolled over and saw 10:58 on my phone. Immediately the guilt set in as i realized I had lost valuable weekend hours by sleeping. I hate when i do that!

Anyway, im getting the morning/day/afternoon started with a cup of tea out of my new favorite mug. They are perfect pour moi! Je t'aime Paris is right! Less than two weeks til our big trip :)

And since my birthday is in March, I received this card in the mail yesterday. From one of my best friends- Anthropology :)  The candle on the front of the card is actually a necklace. Although I'll never wear a birthday candle around my neck, I will enjoy the 15% off coupon that comes along with it. I may even enjoy it today...we'll see!