Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have a confession. Its not really a secret, but rather something I just never mention that Ive done. It could explain my hiatus a bit...

10 years ago exactly I started and ran a needlework design business. It only lasted about 4 years, and then i stopped for two reasons; 1- i was totally embarrassed that i cross stitch (gasp!), and #2- i thought i didnt have time for it anymore, and lost interest.

I should also mention that my mom is a needlework designer and business extraordinaire, so I was merely following in her footsteps. She taught me how to stitch when i was really little, and encouraged me to start the business.

Anyway, after I quit designing, going to trade shows, having trunk shows etc., I retired all of my designs, and most of them were no longer available. But now I've opened an etsy shop that has all of my 27 previously published designs. They have been selling like hot cakes, and its been fun dealing with textile stuff again. I forgot how much I like this kind of work.

So Ive been designing again.

Im not sure where this will lead, or if it will just pass. I cant even believe im doing it to be honest! I do know that my new designs will have a very different look from my designs, and hopefully target a new market. No more samplers! YAY!

Ive been seeing embroidery pop up in a lot of new, expected places these days, so im hoping that needlework might actually become a little more hip than its been in the past. There is something so alluring about threads, linen, handwork, textiles... clearly Im not alone on this.

Anyway, I will be sure to keep you posted. If youd like more info on the needlework market just shoot me an email. Im off to stitch :)


KMJewelryStudio said...

I've seen so much embroidery incorporated in jewelry lately! My mother used to cross stich and silk embroider. It is a beautiful art!