Sunday, May 3, 2009


Its been a crazy week here- but that no excuse for not blogging. Sorry! Im back.

The biggest news is on a personal note, and it's that I have been offered (and accepted!) a new job! The best part- its actually in my field!!! I am SO excited to say that I will be starting work with Lotus Jewelry Studio located here in the Baltimore area. I met the owners at the Philly show in February, and we have stayed in touch since. This opportunity will be amazing, and I cant wait to start!

I also got my first wedding order for initial pendants, that i hand delivered to the bride-to-be yesterday. I always love actually getting to meet my customers- it makes the whole art/buying/handmade experience so much more personal and meaningful. (Duh!) Above is the photo of her order. I love they way all of the pendants look grouped. I see a postcard in the future. This order also means new letters are available; G and H.

Im starting to think about the upcoming philly show in august. Im determined to be ready sooner than i was in February. It will help both stress and money wise. First objective- catalog planing so i know what i need to make. Its ALL new stuff. :)

Ive been listing stuff on etsy, both old and new, so be sure to check it out. Although the 40% off sale is now over, im going to be offering a daily sale item at a mind blowing discount. Thats right- mind blowing! Check everyday to see what the piece du jour is!