Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, I survived Crafty Bastards! It was a lot of hard work. but definitely worth it. Crafty Bastards organize an awesome show, and are beyond helpful. They make everything SO easy for their vendors!! I love doing their shows! Thanks Crafty Bastards!

I have given myself a little break since the show and have been just been relaxing and catching up on things around the house. One creative thing I have been doing is knitting! I knit a scarf for my dad when i was little, but since then i havent done a thing. Then i found this how-too video on youtube, and it inspired me to try it again. I havent gotten very far, and im just making another basic scarf, but its way fun, and I look forward to more projects. I bought this book at borders last night, and this one may be next! It is filled with cool projects to felt. I plan on included a cool lucite button on this one when im done!
Hope you all are having a good week, happy Wednesday!