Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something New...

FINALLY back in the studio!!

Here is an image of something new i have working on! An unoxidized version should be set by tonight, but i just couldn't wait to share these images with you. It was definitely a test of my patience, but it certainly paid off, and i cant wait to make more! Im particularly fond of the modern and contemporary style combination.


Catherine Chandler said...

Wow Liz, that's amazing! Is it an etching or an image?


eliza k. mundy said...

love know how i feel about organic rock forms!

Juliet said...

Cute!!! Are those pieces cast?

Liz said...

Thanks for the kind words guys!!

For right now, the peices are hand fabricated. I do see casting in the near future.
And it is an image that has been fit, and set into the sterling silver setting. I will be using color soon too, and hopefully that will make it more distinct!