Sunday, November 4, 2007


How did it get to be November already, YIKES!

Poppytalk's Handmade Market opens tomorrow!!! Im so excited for more people to see my work! Im really looking forward to seeing the response. It was such a needed vote of confidence to be selected for the market, and it came at a time i really needed it. Thanks Poppytalk!

I spent Friday night in the studio with some of my old towson buddies Annie and Beth. We were there til 2 am, just like the good old days. and nothing i tried to do that night worked out, that was just like the good old days too! Oh well, the company was great, and i loved getting the chance to work next to other people, just bouncing ideas off one another and sharing tips. That communication is invaluable, and im lucky to have such talented, knowledgeable people in my immediate community.

For all the work i did from 7pm to 2am, this is all i have to show you....ughhh. But at least you get an idea of work that is coming soon!

I was busy adding new stuff to my etsy shop this weekend as well. Check it out!