Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Im back!

Ok so two months have gone by, and nothing from me. Didn't I just get done saying how I was going to be active and post more regularly. Thats ok though, because I'm pretty much certain, that not a single person reads my blogs. Hopefully that will change soon!
I just moved into my new apartment. Its my first time living on my own, and so far, I'm toally loving it. I have been working on setting up my studio, and getting all settled in. I had no idea how much work moving is! And i also had no idea how much stuff i had! Yikes! It has def. made me re-thinking bringing anything new into my house. It has to be something really good!

Im also getting really exciting about getting to work in the studio again. I really have no excuse now, since my studio is technically where my dining room should be. For a while, I was totally happy to be on a breif hiatus from metalwork, but now im ready to get back to it. I have had so many ideas over the past few days, and I'm ready to see them come to life. I also just ordered some gold, which I cant wait to work with!

Here are a few pics from my new place. All the spaces and things im loving most right now! It makes me happy!

My deck. Complete with adairondaks, citranella candles, and flowers!

Part of my studio. I feel in love with the postcard spinner from Pottery Barn, and it had to be mine. I knew i always collected postcards for something. If you have some, send them my way! I want to fill this baby up!

I got this HUGE chalkboard for christmas and had just been waiting for the right place to hang it. This is a little nook in my kitchen, and i think it works really well! Such a bitch to hang!

I'll post more later!


megan said...

I'll definately read your blog. I love seeing the pics of your new place. I can't wait to see what you're up to in the studio.

Jan Baum said...

your place is so great, Liz! Wanna come and give mine a makeover?