Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Tagging!

Eliza tagged me in her latest blogpost, FUN! So here are my answers to the questions...

Favorite artist/designer: Tord Boontje....whimsical, romantic, detailed... And Reem Acra, same reasons, plus designed for a wedding!
I love to create using... metals, and images
what inspires me:
patterns, images, colors, details...
favorite medium besides my own: glass
most inspirational city: hands down Paris
ideal weekend off:
sleeping in, shopping, overnight trip somewhere. and i'll join eliza at the bonfire ;)
favorite color: blue, almost any shade
favorite musician: (of all time)- Tom Petty (currently)- Adele or Jason Mraz
favorite movie: You've got mail
favorite song: Disturbia
favorite song lyric:
good question!
f I could have any other job it would be... Wedding Planner...shocking i know...
I wish... i were sitting at a little cafe in Paris right now, getting ready to drop off press packets at all the local boutiques!

Im going to pass this on too..... Kathy, Megan, Margaux, Valerie, Catherine!